1.10.11 by jenswinkler.ch
1.10.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

If you are small and spend your days in the gras, don't fall asleep - there could be some danger coming.

I did (hopefully) this years last lawnmoving. And instead of doing all, i decided to do my dayly picture with the last bit. Looking back it would have been better to cut the gras just infront of the camera, to have free view on the rotating knife (yes, it was rotationg full speed here - that's how fast 1/16 of flash can be).

Making of here.

Light: SB26 left of camera. 7:00, 24mm, 1/16 power,
SB26, reight of camera , 5:00, 85mm (to prevent to much light on the wheels), 1/16 power,
both lying on the ground and goboed haveway on the outer side, to reduce light on the wheels (to close),
430EX on a lightstand 6:00, ½ power, ¼ CTO, in a lumiquest III, 160cm high, pointing down a bit to light me, the background and the lawnmover,

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