27.10.11 by jenswinkler.ch
27.10.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

300 - I managed to pubish 300 pictures in 300 consecutive days. Congratulations to me and to all the others who managed to get this far. Allthough the end seems to be tough again, who would stop that far in? Nobody!
I flashed 83 times manually in this shot, forgetting the strobe mode and flashing my own head 4 times (thats why I moved).
No post (repositioning or so), just a little cropping the edges. The lens was on f22 with a ND filter turned ½ ways closed.
I should redue this shot with stobe mode and a smiling face but am to tired for that and was so lucky to have my face in the 0 in the first shot that I didn't anticipate, that I would manage to place my face in another zero again - so I left it like it is, the first shot with lit face was also the last shot for tonight - I think I have to try to do pictures during the day again...

Light: 580EX on manual mode, 1/128, 50mm, 79 flashes, 4 x ¼ flash in my face

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