2.10.11 by jenswinkler.ch
2.10.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.
Spending some days with the family in Madulain, Grisons (Graubünden) we went to fetch some fresh milk from the farmer.
Antonia Etter is in charge for the small calfs and gives them warm mothercow milk from the bottle.
We got some nice cheese (from the alp lavirun), some milk in our oldstyle milk can and 10 eggs (two days old - todays eggs are harder to peel). She is a busy women and I had like 10sec to make the shot of her (if I can continue working, she said).
Thank your for letting me do so.

Light: All with Sigmas 28mm, 1.8
Calf: AL at f 1.8
Cheese (f 4.0) and Antonia (f 1.8): 430EX on camera turned left to bounce of the left wall with a black foamie thing preventing spill forward.

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