30.9.11 by jenswinkler.ch
30.9.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

Rocco - says "stay creamy" (Swissgerman: Blib cremig).
This is a stranger Portrait I took in my usual Friday picture taking spot. I haven't seen the grafitty until today while looking for a matching background. As you see on his T-Shirt, Rocco is on his way home from work. Thank you for modelling, you made it easy to work with you.

Light: SB26 in a 50x70cm softbox turned narrow side upwards, ¼ power, 24mm, 3:00, feathered 30 degrees away from subject and headhigh,
SB26 with a snoot, ½ power, 85mm, 2m high, aiming down on subjects right cheek, 2 or 3m away, 10:00,
both skyported

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