31.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Watering my eyes.
As I saw this reflection in the sink (yes, I still see a little bit - see yesterday), I knew I had to try to do something with it. But the space is very limited and the sink is wideangle...

Light: In Camera (7D) flash set to 1/32 (on Camera would have been to long) and mastering the 580EX standing on the sink left to camera in its own stand, pointing at my face with 50mm, 1/128


30.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

I am a half blind photographer: Conjunctivitis.
It itches me, it feels like sand in the eye and in the morning it seems like someone sewed your eyelids toghether.

Light: 60cm softbox from right of the camera, 580Ex, 1/8 power, 24mm, skyport


29.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Athletics - panning.

Light: AL


28.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Regional Athletics - Looking for the fastet kids around.
LCT is the club.

Light: Manual exposure for the sky with my pocket camera (Canon G11) - don't be a snob.


27.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Do you know what this is?
This is my tenorsax illuminated through the keyflaps.
I wanted to do a Jazzfoto today, but then preparing my stuff for the Golden Wedding Shooting tomorrow took to long. So I stuck with the theme and made an insight out foto, which went alot quicker.

Light: 580 EX handheld to the flaps on a ETTL cable, manual 1/16, 24 mm

Pullback here: www.flickr.com/photos/32830690@N08/5766469948/


26.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Mischa - at work.
See www.badneubad.ch

Light: 430EX on a ETTL Cable trough a flash2softbox 50x70cm, handheld to the left of camera, +1/3 EV


25.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Basel is Swiss Football Champion!
They are having a Party tonight and red and blue ribbons are falling from the sky. See their hats. (I sacrificed myself for art to outfit the players with beercaps tonight).

Light: 4 Flashes as Floodlights, 1/32, 24mm, Skyports, SB26 opticaly.


24.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Watching TV - selfportrait and still tired. We finished our tax delaration yesterday night.

Light: 580EX 1/16 power, 105mm, snooted and 2m infront of me, skyport, WB set to tungsten.


23.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Sonja - zwischen der Post und dem nächsten Einkauf.
Schreib mir eine Mail, wenn du dein Fotos willst. Vielen Dank fürs spontane Modell stehen.

Sonja - after withdrawing some cash and before spending it. Even a little selfportrait in her right sunglas - I missed that while shooting her. I did 7 shots of her, one of them was my graycard.

Ligth: AL, underexposing a bit (alot of black on subject)


22.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Dieses Glücklos habe ich gestern bei der Braut Ina (siehe 21.5.11) gezogen - und da ich kein Kleingeld hatte, hat es mich SFr. 10.- gekostet... Da kann es ruhig auch als Motiv herhalten - inbesondere, um die Makrofähigkeit der G11 auszutesten. Zudem sind meine Kinder auch Überraschungs - Tüten (und Glückslose): Lias hatte für mich gestern Nacht anhaltendes und wiederkehrendes Wimmern und Heulen auf Lager - ich bin also müder als sonst, meine Kreativität heute etwas kleiner als mein Schlafbedürfnis.

LIcht: 430EX von links 10 cm über dem Tisch, 1/64, Nikon Kabel, 105mm Zoom, Armlänge entfernt.


21.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Ina - heute noch frei.
Schreib mir, wenn du dein Foto willst.
Ina - still free today.
Write a Email, if you want your picture.
Ina was having her eve-of-wedding party with friends and was a stranger to me - I bought a Chance (Lottery Ticket? See 22.5.11) and won two Lolipops and a Condom and got a Shooter for free. Don't waste your time - see background.

Light: G11 in manual mode, ambient -2EV, 430Ex on a ETTL Cable, manual, 1/2 CTS, 24mm


20.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Shooting athletics today. I used two cameras, the 7D with my 70-200 2.8 II and the 5D with my 17-40. After safe shots I changed to the TS-E 45 on the 5D and got realy nice action pictures and this one. Its not easy to use, but alot of fun and with that special image, even when not tiltet - I cant't name the difference, contrast maybe, I jut know I like it.

Light: AL


19.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
André - der kölsche Jung. Dachdecker bei Regen. Schreib mir, wenn du dein Foto haben willst.
André - from Cologne. Roofer during rain. Send me a mail if you want your picture.

Light: 430EX on ETTL Cable from 9 o'clock + 2/3 EV, ambient underexposed bei 2 stops, it's the sky and not a backdrop


18.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
All I wanted to do tonight was brush my teeth and go to bed. But then there was this shot missing. So I put my toothbrush with toothpast into the freezer and took it out two hours later to make this picture.

Light: 580EX from 7 o'clock, 1/128 power, 105mm, SB26 from 5 o'clock from bellow, 1/64 power, 85mm, -1 f Stop with ND Gel, SB26 as rimlight with 1 CTB and Snoot, 1/8 power from 2 o'clock above
Black reflector as backdrop, Skyports

Setup Shot here here.


Special day: Two pictures. Why? Nice models - alle strangers I met downtown Basel. It astonishes me every time how open people react to my modelling proposals. Thank you People out there.


17.5.11 A, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
Samira and Christian ala dolce & gabbana.
Thank you for modelling.
Send me a mail if you want to have your picture.


17.5.11 B, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
Cauvery and Laura touching the sky for bolywood.
Thank you for modelling.
Send me a mail if you want to have your picture.

Light: SB26 with Shootthrough umbrella 1/2 power, 24mm 9 o'clock, 1,8m high, 1,5m from subject, two SB26 right, 1/4power, 24mm, shootthrough umbrella , 2m and 1m high, 1,5m from subject, triggerd with skyports and optical
Setup Shot here here.


16.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
I had a busy day and no DSLR with me - so this is a iphone foto on my way home on my bike (a 20min fast pedaling ride - often in a hurry and a little late).
I tried some Aperture magic on it, see the original here.
What I should have known is, that my brother in law sent me a very touching and encouraging feedback concerning my 365 Project Blog. He looks forward to see it every day all the way south in Cape Town and feels connected to us and aesthetically inspired every day. Wow. I would keep this thing going as long I can just for you. Thanks a lot Marc.
If I had read you mail earlier, I would have returned all the way to office or home, to get one of my Canons.


15.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Benjamin, my nephew, won second place by winning two and loosing one Judo fights. Congratulations.

Light: AL (as I remember - I was changing back and forth today), Tilt Shift Lens


14.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Lias singing in his choir. I thought, I won't shoot in this supermarket, but then I saw the light from the top window and the contrasting colors (the blue things are points, were we gather recycling material here in Switzerland).
I am slowly getting just to my TIlt-Shift Lens, handheld here.

Light: AL


13.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Mauro Mariano from Calabrien (Italy) is chilling, while his nephew is playing on the playground.

See Portraiture and his enlightenment here.

Light: Sun as backlight


12.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Salt in a glas plate.

Light: 580 EX slaved from left + built in flash

Don't blame me, I had my foto ready but blogger went down for 20+ hours with maitenance problems.


11.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
This is Jan, who is a photografing biochemist, sittinge here today "after and before work". We had a nice chat about our projects, hasselblad (I am jelous) and other things.

Portraits here, here, and here.

Light: AL (overcast)


10.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Lias flying his radio controles airplane.
It was quit hard to catch the plane with my manual lense. What made it even worse, we had three tries before bedtime, batteries were running out and this one was the best.

Licht: AL, a 580 EX standing on the floor firing straight upwards without an effect in this shot - just saying.


9.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

No time leads to creative outbreak.

Turning on my officechair, Stroboskope flashing the Background (which leads to double and tipple exposures), Lightpainting with the lamps on an getting disy, but slightly waving the camera up and down.

Light: 580Ex, Multiflash Modus, 1Hz, 1/128, 105mm + Nightambient


8.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Anne - mothersday.

Making of here.

Light: 580Ex in a DIY california sunbounce, 1/8 power zoom 50mm, 1/2 CTS,
SB26 as hairlight, 1/32 power, 85mm, with Gobo to wallside


7.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Simon Geburtstagsausflug mit Freunden. Solarrodelbahn in Langenbruck, die auch echt Spass macht.
Ich habe dieses Foto ausgewählt, weil mir seine Reflexion in der Bahn gut gefällt - andere waren schärfer.


6.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Ursula - gardener after work.

Dynamik Portrait here.

Making of here.

Licht: full sun, Ursula is standing in the shadow, 580EX in Lumiquest III, 1/4 Power from over my head, skyport


5.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Jungschileiter beim Planen im Wenkenpark.
Danke für die Fotoerlaubnis. Schreibt mir, wenn ihr eure Fotos wollt.


4.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Save me

Experiments with the Tilt Shift Lens. I am not in full control of it yet.


3.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Hanspeter nachdem er seinen Kontoauszug gesehen hat...

Hanspeter after seeing his bank statement...



2.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

Parkhaus Bad Bahnhof - ich war heute wieder mal beruflich in Schaffhausen und habe die G11 mitgenommen.


1.5.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch

This shot with this famous dancer is made with my DIY (Califonrnia) Biel-Benken Sunbounce.
You can see the trigger in his right hand.
I like the light quality and the falloff.
Making of here: www.flickr.com/photos/32830690@N08/5676605891/

Light: SB26 1/16 skyport, bouncing of my perfect new DIY bouncing device at 9 o'clock, ambient -1,5 EV, shadow white balance to bluish the sky