3.9.11 by jenswinkler.ch
3.9.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.
Zopf. This is a Swiss Sunday morning bread, that my sweet wife bakes every second Saturday evening. She bakes two and we freeze one for the inbetween Sundays. It takes 15min to do the dough, 1h to let it rise, another 10min to get it in form (I always get mixed up if I plate it and the dough is tougher, when I do it) and full of eg. Then another 25min in the oven. Bettina bakes a perfect Zopf an I can't compete with her and we all love her for doing so, specially me, but I have an excuse - she is the wife I married :-))) Thank you for treeting us so well.

Light: SB246 at 24mm, ½ power, in a Apollo 70cm softbox from 2:00 , 1.6m above ground, pointing down, skyport.

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