2.9.11 by jenswinkler.ch
2.9.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

Michel and Luca - they saved my day at 5 to twelve. Thank you. I was standing at my friday spot, put up my new Apollo 28 softbox with two flashs inside, a little worried, because of the wind and full sun. And then: Nobody there - nobody who inspired me. Then I got nervous. started to do some selfportraiture, to have something, 5min to go to pick up my son from training. Michel and Luca sat down at the bus station - Would you? Yes, but we want to catch the bus. - No problem, I just have five minutes left myself.
Then they stood where I wanted them to stand and I said look in the softbox direction. They: The bus is comming.
I made one shot, one single shot - so no time wasted in selection process today. Here it is. I think, thy would make a good band or so. Write a mail to get your picture and thank you for your names, thrown at me while running for the bus.

Light: 580EX and SB26 full power, 24mm in Apollo 70cm (28') Softbox, 8:00 pointing down from 1.9m, skyport

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