3.7.11 by jenswinkler.ch
3.7.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

I crossed the middle of 365 days a half a day ago. Proud of myself? Yep!
I hat alot of nice stranger and nonstranger models, fun, stress and nights beeing tired but with a goal in my head. And the feeling, that I am getting more and mor confi with my gear, dealing with it day after day. There is more to come, of which you might get a hint out of todays model: Dynamic fotodundee climping over every obstacle.
There is africa to come soon (see the shirt - I don't know if what will happen to the blog / flickrstream during my trip), craftmans work (the shoes), weather (the hat), gear (the backpack and the tripd case), movement (the jump) and lights (3 Strobes and the sun) - and don't forget million of details, like the remote controle in my left hand (which sets of a 2 sec delay picture and made me jump 25 times or so...) - lol - lots of fun and learning opportunities to come. I learnt, that creativ cluelessness turns around, if you embrace it.

Light: Don't ask where they are...
SB26 bare at 1/4 from behind, 50mm, to enlight the Backpack, SB26 at 1/2 power, 24mm through umbrella, 580EX in Flash2softbox 50x70cm at 24mm, 1/1power -0.7ev, skyports, sun from left upper corner

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