10.7.11 A by jenswinkler.ch
10.7.11 A, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.
Sirin and Céline - If you aint 8bar, your not 8bar! (Ger: Bist du nicht 8bar, bist du nicht 8bar!). They work in a bar called 8bar in Basel (http://www.8bar.ch/).
As I understood, they were having their Girls Sunday Night Out as usual.
You see my resoults of another Street Photography Stranger Shooting with Peter and Martin. This time we setup infront of the holy Minster of Basel. You see a side door as Background. Everybody setup their lights and for some time we had like 5 flashes and lightmodifyers standing around, looking quit impressing. It was harder to find a model today, but finally Sirin and Céline were cool enough to model - thank you. Send me a Email, if you want your pictures.

10.7.11 B by jenswinkler.ch
10.7.11 B, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

Light: 580EX 3 o'clock in a 60cm softbox, shoulder high, 1/1 -0,7, SB600 at 9 o'clock 1/2 power through umbrella, SB 26 at 1/16, 24mm behind subject pointing at the door, skyports.

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