Post 365 - 1.1.12

Post 365 - 1.1.12 by
Post 365 - 1.1.12, a photo by on Flickr.
You know that you have friends if you return home from a short trip to a neighbour village and they (Martin and Peter) are sitting in our livingroom with a grin.
Peter and Martin are running the foto© thing with me - and we meet every second week to learn to light and shoot (Basel Strobists). They are my honest critics (I hope…) and push and support me as I do them. They have made this awesome poster for me (A0 Size) with all my pictures on it and braught a champagne - I am so touched, you guys! I didn't even know you could be so sweet :-)))
Thank you for following all my ideas and plans and so on.

I am very open for more noce things to hapen after this 365 project has ended and will post relating things happening here.

And I planed to do a 365 + 1 fotography, just to give it one extra.

Light: Look into the bottle - SB26 at 14mm, 1/8 power through a shoot through umbrella, skyport.

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  1. Congratulations, my dear brother-in-law! I'm seriously impressed and it has been so often a real treat to look at the most recent pictures, which were either outstandingly beautful or simply ingenous! I will miss it a lot not being able to end my days with the update of your blog! But all my greatest thanks for the colour dots in my nights and my best wishes for the next projects to come!