30.12.11 by jenswinkler.ch
30.12.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.

Big lights on me - I am 1 day from finishing my 365 project and I am proud of myself - I had no clue if I would make it when I started. Lights have been with me all the way and I baught some new ones on my way to here. Actually, I have more lightformers than flashes (5!) at the moment, the apollo softbox, several snoots and strawgrids and the lumiquest III are missing as are some lightstands and a DIY california sunbounce (and not speaking about the beauty dish, which should be on the way to me from china…). I think I can get quit involved in things like this :-)
So for this picture I dicided to get a lot of my gear performing (I almost forgot about this octa, which was in the guest room the whole year I think) incl. a strong boom. And yes Bettina, I am wearing shoes in the kitchen, slippers just don't look very professional;-).

Making of here.

Light: SB26 in a 50cm Ezybox copy, 1/16 infront of me, SB 26 at 1/16 in a flash2softbox 50 x 70cm on my right,
SB24 at 1/8 in a 90cm octa behind me, 430EX at 1/8 in a 75cm lastolite Ezybox on my left, 580EX at 1/8 in a DIY Minibeautydish on my lap, SB26 optical triggered, other three skyports

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