2.6.11, ursprünglich hochgeladen von jenswinkler.ch
Ascension Day... - I saw this dramatic sky this afternoon. We were strolling with friends and a had my 5D with me (as often lately) and wanted to take a picture of my friend, cut of by the field. So I pulled it out, setup and - No CF card! I felt like a bloody beginner - the card was waiting for me at home in my cardreader and I had packed up in a hurry. So before dinner I bought 15min before foode was ready, raced up to the place with my bicycle, which was further away as a thaught it was, and further up too, slamed on a polarizer filter and held a graduated filter infront of it and made very few pictures, before beeing 3minutes late for dinner. I felt good about my action, because I felt like a artist racing out and sweating for a image, I had in my head. Voilà.

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