17.6.11 by jenswinkler.ch
17.6.11, a photo by jenswinkler.ch on Flickr.
My father is taking a nap in our spear bed..Seen with my eyes this is a tender and touching picture. I experienced this while I was working in a children’s home: They all looked cute when they were sleeping and I would instantly forget all the difficulties we had experienced during the day. Having own children now, I tend to sneak in their rooms to see them asleep before I go to bed - they seem to be little angels resting for the next day....Some months ago I started to invite my father for lunch with the boys every second Friday. I pick him up with the car, I cook, he lays the table, we all eat lunch, we two drink a coffee together and talk, and then he takes a nap and I do the dishes. And I have this tender feeling when I see him asleep - he probably used to have that feeling seeing me asleep as a child - maybe things turned around again - maybe you get back what you gave away as a parent when you are getting older - I don't know, but I think my father looks cute nested in the blankets. Therefore I didn’t tell him beforehand (I was afraid, he wouldn't sleep or look unnatural), sneaked in to take this picture, afraid he would awake, didn’t dare to fire the flash and sneaked out again after taking 3 pictures in a hurried silentness. He gave me the permission to ad it to my blog, I guess this is my fathers love and support. Thank you for being you...

Light: AL, liveview and silent shutter to be as quiet as possible.

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  1. Ihr lieben Beide! So sollte für mich Fotografie sein - aus dem Leben mit Respekt und Beziehung - berührend!
    Danke Euch Beiden!