Post 365 - 1.1.12

Post 365 - 1.1.12 by
Post 365 - 1.1.12, a photo by on Flickr.
You know that you have friends if you return home from a short trip to a neighbour village and they (Martin and Peter) are sitting in our livingroom with a grin.
Peter and Martin are running the foto© thing with me - and we meet every second week to learn to light and shoot (Basel Strobists). They are my honest critics (I hope…) and push and support me as I do them. They have made this awesome poster for me (A0 Size) with all my pictures on it and braught a champagne - I am so touched, you guys! I didn't even know you could be so sweet :-)))
Thank you for following all my ideas and plans and so on.

I am very open for more noce things to hapen after this 365 project has ended and will post relating things happening here.

And I planed to do a 365 + 1 fotography, just to give it one extra.

Light: Look into the bottle - SB26 at 14mm, 1/8 power through a shoot through umbrella, skyport.


31.12.11 by
31.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

Good buy everybody.
Thank you for following me and helping me get over this year. My brain is full of new projects, but I will try to hold it back until a few days have passed. Jumping of joy and not looking back.

Light: SB26/SB24 full power from 12:00 and obove my head. Skyports.


30.12.11 by
30.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

Big lights on me - I am 1 day from finishing my 365 project and I am proud of myself - I had no clue if I would make it when I started. Lights have been with me all the way and I baught some new ones on my way to here. Actually, I have more lightformers than flashes (5!) at the moment, the apollo softbox, several snoots and strawgrids and the lumiquest III are missing as are some lightstands and a DIY california sunbounce (and not speaking about the beauty dish, which should be on the way to me from china…). I think I can get quit involved in things like this :-)
So for this picture I dicided to get a lot of my gear performing (I almost forgot about this octa, which was in the guest room the whole year I think) incl. a strong boom. And yes Bettina, I am wearing shoes in the kitchen, slippers just don't look very professional;-).

Making of here.

Light: SB26 in a 50cm Ezybox copy, 1/16 infront of me, SB 26 at 1/16 in a flash2softbox 50 x 70cm on my right,
SB24 at 1/8 in a 90cm octa behind me, 430EX at 1/8 in a 75cm lastolite Ezybox on my left, 580EX at 1/8 in a DIY Minibeautydish on my lap, SB26 optical triggered, other three skyports


29.12.11 by
29.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

Uli - my 84 year old father-in-law, who lives just next door with Vera (see 1.7.11). He was not pictured yet in my 365 project, so it is 3 to 365 to catch up with that. I wanted to do a McNally inspired photography and received his new book today. I understood the concept of the windy portrait but how stupid can I be after a year of daily strobist work? - McNally did a slow exposure (1/8th of a sec) to catch the wind moving the hair. It was windy and I did the same (1/8th), but it was night - no ambient to show the wind moven hair - got it? I got it. Therefore I put some clouds in the background from an earlier shot today and will have to definitely learn photoshop or gimp or something, masking this hair out with PSE 6 was a pain and I am not satisfied with the result, but maybe there would have been a better way and somebody can tell me how?

Light: SB26 ¼ power, 24mm in a 60cm gridded Ezybox at 8:00 turned a tag away from subject,
SB26 bare 85mm, 1/64 power from 1,5m behind his head, Skyports


28.12.11 by
28.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

The three kings find the christmas crib with the help of my new iPad (and the map app).

Light: 580EX ¼ power, 24mm, in a 60cm gridded softbox pointing straight ahead 20cm above the table, 8:00, skyport, long exposure for the iPad picture (made with a handheld lumiquest III on a ETTL wire from 8:00, -1ev), Skyport


27.12.11 by
27.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

It is good to have a guardian angel looking after you and your family. Mybe a icecooled or a little develish one.

Light: 580EX on a ETTL cable with ¼ CTS, -1,6 ev, from 45° right, SB26 at 1/16 with red gel and just the glas ice cube left open, gaffer tape flagging the rest and the shadow wing, optical trigger (glascube lying on the flash)


26.12.11 by
26.12.11, a photo by on Flickr.

As often I start writing my christmas cards after christmas. Of course it is strobist card of our family. The time before christmas is often full of stress. So now I have time (holidays) and wish everybody relaxing holidays.

Making of here.

Light: 580EX with ¼ CTS, 24mm, ¼ power, 60cm ezybox with grid, 5:00, 1,7m high, pointing straight down, skyport
2 SB26 with DIY striplight at 3:00 and 9:00 with flags towards camera, optical triggered